While we do sell new items, the majority of our products are considered used, but don't let that scare you!  Each product goes through initial testing, with the possibility of later being cleaned and/or refurbished.  None of our products were previously "dead."  We thoroughly test to ensure our customers are getting the best product possible, backed by our 30 day warranty! 

At TechNetGoods we provide the best product possible!  We do extensive testing of each product we sell and are confident in our final products.  We understand that sometimes, even the best fail.  This is why, for customer confidence, we provide 30 days of warranty on each product we sell.  This starts from the day the item is delivered (for trackable items) or five days after the shipping date (for non-trackable items).

We do a lot of testing!  We test every component thoroughly.  We use special programs and benchmarks to test every component we handle.

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